Fall/Winter Flounder Fishing

The fall and winter months are a great time for fishing on the Texas coast, especially for flounder. Because of the flounder migration from the bays to the Gulf of Mexico, November and December are the perfect months to catch them. Flounders like to hide in the sandy bottoms of shallow water and are delicious to eat. They can also be caught from the piers of many of our homes!  Here’s some tips from Julie Hagan from her article “Fall Flounder Fishing on the Texas Coast”:

  • Jigs are the best way to catch flounder
  • Adding a spray on liquid scent to the jig or tipping the jig with a piece of shrimp is a great tactic
  • It is important that if you top the jig with shrimp that the shrimp is fresh. Take a section of the fresh shrimp tail and peel it before putting it over the hook. Make sure to switch it out when it becomes soggy.
  • There are multiple different types of jigs you could use. A curly tail jig is a great choice because it vibrates similar to a spinner bait
  • While jigs are the best lures to use, flounder can also be caught with live bait such as shrimp, mud minnows,  and finger mullet

Flounder bag and length limits from Texas Parks and Wildlife:

  • Length in Inches: 14 min – No limit
  • Daily bag is 5 fish except from Nov. 1-30, when the daily bag limit is 2 fish and flounder may be taken only by pole-and-line; and from December 1-14, when the daily bag limit is 2 fish and flounder may be taken by any legal means, including gigging. Possession limit is equal to the daily bag

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