Fourth of July

Head to Rockport, Texas this Fourth of July weekend for a relaxing day barbecuing on the beach and a thrilling night of fireworks. Every year the Wendell Family puts on a local firework show. The firework show is a privately funded event that has become extremely popular over the years. They have been putting on this show since 1965 and promise that this year will be the best yet. The show will start at dark which will be around 9:15 P.M. on Thursday, July 4th 2019. The Wendell family is accepting donations to help support the show and keep it going year after year. To donate and learn more about the Wendell family firework show go to
Going to the Rockport beach is a perfect way to spend your Fourth of July weekend with the whole family. The Rockport beach is open from 6 A.M. to Midnight on Friday and Saturday and costs 5 dollars a day or 15 dollars annually. There are 61 picnic sites set up along the beach that all have a covered picnic table, barbeque grill, and trash can making them the perfect sight for a family barbeque! There are also multiple playgrounds and volleyball nets located around the beach so kids of all age can have a great time. Bring your family, food, and fishing equipment to the Rockport beach this Fourth of July weekend for a vacation you will never forget. For more information on the Rockport Beach and what to do there go to

Book your rental house today for the Fourth of July weekend! Miss Kitty’s offers a variety of homes located in areas of Rockport. We are very busy during holiday weekends so make sure to online to to make a reservation at a beautiful house today. Choose from Bayfront houses, swimming pools, beach cottages, and pet friendly houses! Make sure to get your whole family together and visit Rockport on the Fourth of July for the experience of a lifetime. Stay in luxury at one of our rent houses, visit the local Rockport beach, then relax with the whole family while you watch our local firework show.  For a list of 51 fun and exciting things to do in Rockport, Texas click here. For guest information please visit our website!  We cannot wait to see you in Rockport this Fourth of July!