Top Fishing Spots

1. Aransas Bay

At the northern end of the Texas Coastal Bend, Aransas Bay is about 16 miles long and 6 miles wide. This popular Rockport, TX, fishing location features a variety of oyster reefs throughout the bay, with a large amount gathered in the northern areas that lead into St. Charles, Copano, and Carlos Bays. Aransas Bay is an ideal location to go wade fishing for speckled trout as well as drift fishing and flats fishing. The eastern shoreline of the bay offers scenic grass flats and tidal lakes. With over 100 pro level fishing spots on the Texas Fishing Map for Aransas Bay, there are plenty of locations to cast your line for a premier catch!

2. Redfish Bay

Enjoy your Rockport, TX, fishing outing in Redfish Bay, a triangle-shaped location between Aransas Pass and Port Aransas. Unlike a large open water area, Redfish Bay is a cluster of islands, channels, and grass flats. Its only deep water is on the southern edge near the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. The grass flats generate nutrients for a series of bay area ecosystems, making its protection vital to the local fishing economy. As long as you do not disturb the grass in the area, boats are allowed to pass through. To make sure of this, the best way to experience Rockport, TX, fishing in Redfish Bay is to drift, use a push pole, or use an electric trolling motor.

3. Estes Flats

The deep water access of Estes Flats makes it a favorite for Rockport, TX, fishing. The landscape features drop offs, grass beds, mud, and sand pot holes. The shallow grass beds and sand pot holes are especially ideal for holding redfish and trout throughout the entire year. Kayak fishing is another popular way to go about things in Estes Flats if you opt to go no-motor.

4. St. Charles Bay

St. Charles Bay is a favorite local Rockport, TX, fishing location on the northernmost end of the Texas Coastal Bend for catching redfish. With the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge to the west and the Lamar Peninsula to the east, St. Charles Bay not only has incredible coastal views but also extended shorelines with slews, cuts, and creeks ideal for redfish. Small boats and kayaks can launch in Cavasso’s Creek, while boat ramps in Lamar and the Pelican Island State Park are built for larger crafts.

5. Copano Bay

Copano Bay is an ideal Rockport, TX, fishing area with many shallow oyster reefs and a lush marine habitat. The supporting estuaries of Mission and Port Bays are popular for anglers looking to catch redfish and trout, while the reef system among open water as well as inflow of rivers and creeks supply nutrients and deep cuts for fish to camp out during cold snaps.